Horror Fiction

Tales of the Fallen Book I: Awakenings

By David Barnett


A dark and irreverent page turner


Of Angels Fallen”:
They rescued him from the streets, and with their help, he has become the world’s greatest assassin. So much death, so much blood, but it all ends after this one final job. Just one more death and Mal will finally get what was promised him so many, many years ago.
Jonas White is a powerful man, an empire builder. He commands adoration and respect from everyone who meets him. He is a good man, does good things. But now he’s also a marked man. He knows destiny is banging on the door. What will happen when he opens it?
Two men fated to meet each other on one cataclysmic evening. An evening when secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be tested, old grudges settled and new ones made. This is just one stop along a long road. A road that leads back to where it all began so very long ago.

“Daddy Demon’s Day Out”:
He wanted revenge for an atrocity committed so many years ago. Back when his world collapsed around him with a single knock on his door.
But that was then and this is now and revenge is at hand. Years of planning, years of blasphemous dealings and terrible actions have led to this moment. He has worked for decades to be able to summon the demon of revenge and now he’s ready. Tonight he will demand the demon grant his one wish and all this will finally be over.
But Travis Burnsfield will soon find out that the demon of revenge has other plans for the evening. Plans that involve Starbucks, cheese steaks, and a trip to the infamous Painfreak where many creatures go, all with very different hungers. Some with hungers that can be sated by the sorrow of a tired old man who only wants revenge for something taken from him so very long ago.

“Sleeper Angels Awaken”:
The old man hadn’t been here in … Well, he couldn’t really remember. But what he did know was that it had changed. Changed so much. His heart was heavy at seeing the destruction and knowing what it all meant. But he didn’t have time to mourn. No, he had to move on.
He had placed them here so long ago, but over time he grew careless and forgot to keep track of them. But the time has come for him to track them all down. Things had changed and now he needed their help. It was time to seek out the others and awaken them…awaken his army. He only hoped they wanted to be awakened and wanted to help him. It would take some time. But after all, time was all he had right now.

David G Barnett offers up the beginning of what will hopefully be a long series of novellas and shorts centered around the battle for heaven. These first three tales are fast-paced, funny, raunchy and poignant. Barnett’s world comes to life with horribly flawed characters that you will like or hate, but won’t forget, abominable creatures and visions of Heaven and Hell that will begin to pave the way for more tales to come.

Content Review

The best review for this book is probably the Introduction written by Edward Lee. Amazon offers the “Look Inside” sneak peek feature on this one, and the Introduction is available to read on that feature, so go ahead and sneak a peek at it.

Tales of the Fallen Book 1: Awakenings by David G Barnett is made up of 3 interconnected, dark, graphic horror tales of … well, of the Fallen. The Biblical fallen as well as the fallen of humanity.

I can tell by some of the Amazon reviews that a content warning might be in order, so here you go:
This is Extreme Horror. It is graphic. It is blatant. It defies PC in all its forms. This is not a pretty story of Heaven and Hell. This is a dark, brutal horror story of Heaven and Hell and people. It is not without humor, but, of course, one might need to understand that it is dark humor. This is horror fiction, and Barnett takes liberties because it is horror fiction.

That being said, this is a very well-written extreme horror book.

The characters defy stereotypes, making them almost too realistic. The “good guys” have dark sides. The “bad guys” have redeeming qualities. In fact, who is a good guy and who is a bad guy could be considered objective. I have to wonder if that is intentional.

The stories themselves, although interconnected, are nothing alike. Each has its own plot, its own pace, and its own tone. They vary in length, gore factor, and intensity. On the whole, however, they are all dark, irreverent, and thoroughly entertaining—as long as one enjoys extreme horror.

This is a hardcore page turner, and I look forward to reading Book 2.

Reviewers note and bragging rights: I purchased this book from the author himself at Killercon 2018. He is a very entertaining and inspiring individual.

Get it on Amazon:
Tales of the Fallen Book I: Awakenings (US Link)
Tales of the Fallen Book I: Awakenings (UK Link)

About the Author: David Barnett

Dave Barnett lives on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida with his mutt Dexter. During the day he works as a graphic designer for his Fat Cat Design company designing books for lots of small press publishers.

Somewhere in there he has managed to run Necro Publications since 1993, publishing some of the best names in modern horror: Edward Lee, Charlee Jacob, Gerard Houarner, Mehitobel Wilson, Jeffrey Thomas, Patrick Lestewka and dozens of others in various anthologies.

Dave has been published in a couple of the Shivers anthologies from Cemetery Dance Publications. He also has a story in the two-author chapbook The Baby along with Edward Lee. His collection, Dead Souls, came out form from Shocklines Press in 2004 and at least a couple of people seemed to like it. The Fallen: Book 1 is the first in what will hopefully be a long series books containing tales about angels and demons that will finally come together (fingers crossed) in one climatic battle for Heaven.

He’s also edited the anthologies: Damned: An Anthology of the Lost, and co-edited Into the Darkness Vol. 1

Dave is now disabled and isn’t as productive, but still manages to get some stuff out there for his people.

You can visit his official site at: evilwriter.com


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