Horror Fiction / Kelli Owen


By Kelli Owen


A Twisted Horror Thriller


Matt Newman’s life is turned upside down when his wife is found murdered. The police have no leads and no suspects. As Matt sinks further into a deep depression, he stumbles across a mysterious notebook among his wife’s belongings. Within its pages are cryptic writings revealing that she led a secret life. The more he reads, the greater his love turns to hatred for the woman he thought he knew. How had she managed to conceal this double life? Worse, are her tales of debauchery even more terrifying than the mystery surrounding her death?

Content Review

Deceiver is a brilliant horror thriller by Kelli Owen.

There are so many pretty words I could use to describe Kelli’s expert suspense building and characterization, but this story defies deep, intellectual analysis. This story is gut-wrenching. It is riveting. It is surprisingly unpredictable. I was in awe of both the story and Kelli Owen when I finished it.

Deceiver is a fast read, partly because of the steady pace, partly because of short length, and partly because you don’t want to put it down. The story starts strong and stays strong. The intriguing synopsis is literally just a tease, as a good synopsis should be. You won’t believe the shocking direction this story takes!

Owen’s vivid and believable characters create a painful level of empathy. Why painful? See the “gut-wrenching” comment above. The sadness, the anger, the fear, the consuming need to know just what in the world …
Nope. No spoilers.
But, you see, the building tension of this dark tale is fed not only by the unfolding mystery, but also by the emotions, actions, and reactions of the characters themselves. The balance is as beautiful to behold as it is disturbing to experience.

This is truly a masterwork of short fiction.



Incidently, this is the 2017 release. The book was originally released in 2014 with this impressive cover art.

I appreciate both covers and cannot decide which one really suits the story best. Read it yourself and let me know what you think.

While Deceiver is a perfect Kindle read, and I bought it on Kindle, it is absolutely and shelf worthy book, and I plan to aquire the paperback as well.
I cannot recommend this book enough.

Get it on Amazon:
Deceiver (US Link)
Deceiver (UK Link)


About the Author: Kelli Owen

Kelli Owen is the author of more than a dozen books–her fiction spanning from thriller and psychological horror, to an occasional bloodbath, and the even rarer happy ending. She was an editor and reviewer for over a decade, and has attended countless writing conventions, participated on dozens of panels, and spoken at the CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA regarding both her writing and the field in general. Born and raised in Wisconsin, she now lives in Destination, Pennsylvania.

For more information on her books and social media links, please visit her website at kelliowen.com

NOTE: For exclusive behind the scenes info, notes, etc. on Kelli’s fiction, please consider becoming a patron at http://www.patreon.com/kelliowen

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