Extreme Horror / Horror Anthology / Jack Bantry / Monica O'Rourke / Robert Essig / Ryan Harding

Splatterpunk Forever

Edited by
Jack Bantry & Kit Power


2019 Splatterpunk Award winner for Best Anthology


From the Splatterpunk Award-winning editors of Splatterpunk Fighting Back comes a brand new anthology.

Marital dysfunction explodes into violence in a circus sideshow from hell…
Three American tourists get more than they bargained for when they visit a very special Mexican brothel…
When you work for the cartels, ‘trash disposal’ has a whole new meaning…

Splatterpunk Forever brings you 11 all-new tales of extreme horror, with an introduction by Glenn Rolfe.

“Seacretor” by Ryan Harding
“Garrote” by Lydian Faust
“Junkyard Shift” by Ryan C Thomas
“Cougars” by Sisters of Slaughter
“Guinea Pig Blues” by Chad Lutzke
“Blood on the Walls” by Saul Bailey
“Chum” by Nathan Robinson
“The Bearded Woman” by Alessandro Manzetti
“Finger Paint” by Robert Essig
“Diamond in the Rough” by JR Park
“Virtue of Stagnant Water” by Monica O’Rourke

Content Review

The Splatterpunk Forever anthology is a feast for the Splatterpunk fan. A bloody, depraved feast!

I was both shocked and delighted to see that the opening story was by Ryan Harding. Ryan always comes to mind first when I hear or read the word “Splatterpunk.”
I was not disappointed.
“The Seacretor” by Ryan Harding is a creative, splattery first person story that ultimately brings to mind Lovecraft on some really bad drugs. Or really good ones. But while it may lean toward the Lovecraftian in overall context, the skill and style are all Ryan Harding! It was a fantastic beginning to this incredible antho and won the Splatterpunk Award at Killercon 2019 for best Short Story.

splatterpunk foreverBut wait. There’s more.

Next comes “Garrote” by Lydian Faust. “Garrote” is a good story, a solid story, with depth, good characters, creative perspective shifts, and a perverse mixing of horror subgenres. There is no predictability here. The creativity is off the charts.

Then comes “The Junkyard Shift” by Ryan C Tomas. This one is pure, flowing Splatterpunk. Right up to the unexpected twist at the end that rips a little piece of your heart off and keeps it.

I took a break after that and returned to read “Cougars” by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, aka The Sisters of Slaughter. “Cougars” is a classic themed tale told with delightful and dark skill. Perfectly paced. A truly enjoyable read.

And then there is “Guinea Pig Blues” by Chad Lutzke. Another one that is pure Splatterpunk. This is the epitome of Splatterpunk. You don’t know whether to laugh or puke. A very visual read.

Next, Saul Bailey manages to mix extreme horror with historical horror and add a touch of cosmic horror to create the Splatterpunk story, “Blood on the Walls.” Intelligent, grotesque, and occasionally humorous, this is a well-crafted tale and an excellent read.

That gem is followed by the Splatterpunk masterpiece, “Chum” by Nathan Robinson. Chum is a classic story of revenge that is taken to exquisite levels of dark creative presentation by the very talented Mr. Robinson. A very entertaining splatter piece.

Then we have “The Bearded Woman” by Alessandro Manzetti (translated to English by Daniele Bonfanti). This story is a mixture of freak show horror, extreme horror, and a touch of scifi horror. The result is Splatterpunk gold. The subject matter is assured to delightfully offend.

After that, we are plunged into a story of rare depth and emotional impact for Splatterpunk. “Finger Paint” by Robert Essig speaks of bullying, torture both physical and emotional, and supernatural horror elements that embody the short and long of vengeance. This one is a mind ripper.

“Diamond in the Rough” b JR Park returns us to dark humor and graphic violence with a twisted story and more twisted ending. Blatant. Explicit. This is fun Splatterpunk for the Splatterpunk aficionado.

The final offering of Splatterpunk Forever is “Virtue of Stagnant Waters” by Monica O’Rourke.

Monica is Splatterpunk royalty. If you are familiar with her stories, you know the visceral delights that await you. If you are not, well, visceral delights await you. Like most of Monica’s stories, “Virtue of Stagnant Waters” will violate your psyche as well as turn your stomach. This story is expertly crafted with suspense, psychological horror, explicit violence of varying natures, and edgy content. It pushes all the buttons and boundaries. All fans of Monica should own this book if only for this dark masterpiece.

So ends the anthology Splatterpunk Forever.

This is a phenomenal collection. It is a shelf-worthy must-have for all fans of Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror.

Note to Extreme Horror Fans:
If you generally shy away from taking that step into Splatterpunk because you feel the plots tend to be lacking, make this collection the exception and take that step. All of these stories have strong storylines and quality characterization. Just brace yourself for that added level of content shock.

Get it on Amazon:
Splatterpunk Forever (US Link)
Splatterpunk Forever (UK Link)


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