Horror Fiction / Vampires

Less than Human

By Gary Raisor


Unlike any other Vampire Novel


The town of Carruthers, Texas, has seen its share of drifters and lowlifes. But never anyone like Steven and Earl.

They move from town to town. Hustling the pool halls. Raising a little hell. Drinking a little blood. They sleep by day and hunt by night.
The ultimate predators.
The perfect life.
Until now.

A barroom brawl ends in disaster. The soil from Steven’s grave has been stolen. And a young boy’s death sparks an all out war between vampires and mortals that will turn the local Frontier Day celebration into a blood bath …


Content Review

LESS THAN HUMAN by Gary Raisor is unlike any other vampire novel. The story is built on mystery, intrigue, a unique twist on old legends, blood, and playing pool.

Raisor weaves in a diverse lot of vivid, colorful characters with engaging backgrounds and personalities. The story is complex, a mix of ancient lore and modern concepts, realism and supernatural, humanity and inhumanity. Raisor uses a slow reveal technique to uncover the horrifying truth behind the events taking place. The climax and conclusion brilliantly defied expectation, and I found the epilogue particularly well-played.

Less Than Human has some graphic scenes and disturbing content. Gary Raisor pushes the boundaries of vampire horror fiction into extreme horror with this one. This is not a romantic vampire novel nor even a classically brutal one. This one contains scenes of mental and physical torture, and Raisor is relentless in his presentation of the horrors therein.  For serious horror fans only.

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About the Author: Gary Raisor

When not torturing baby tigers, I write horror. Less Than Human, Graven Images, Sinister Purposes. Do a lot of short fiction. I was nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Less Than Human. The baby tiger was not impressed.

I also dabble in screenplays and comics. Repped by the Athena Talent Agency. Two stories of mine, Making Friends and Night Caller have been turned into award-winning movies.

Gary Raisor Amazon Page



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