Carver Pike / Extreme Horror / Horror Fiction

Grad Night

By Carver Pike


A deep and brutal nail-biter


The teachers at DS High know something’s not right. It’s the reason they don’t stay late to grade papers, they leave school in packs so nobody’s alone, and they stay away from the one boy with the cult-like following. Evil walks the high school hallways and everyone knows its name: James Bender.

They’ve made it through the school year unscathed. Well, almost. Now, the graduating class is planning something special for their favorite teachers. It’s by personal invite only.

Teachers are dying for an invitation. Here’s yours.

Join us at this year’s Grad Night party. It’ll be one you’ll never forget.

Carver Pike takes ordinary circumstances, cinches them tight with razor wire, and then saws back and forth. Gasp for air, holler for help, and pray for an end to the madness.

Content Review

Grad Night by Carver Pike is a deep and brutal nail-biter with incredible tension and exquisite characterization. It is Extreme Horror at its finest.

I hit a point in the story that filled me with palpable dread, dread I felt in my throat and stomach. Did I want to do this to myself on a day of rest and relaxation? I realized my thoughts sounded a lot like one of the characters at that point. Yes, that kind of story immersion, that kind of building dread. Of course, I read on.

And the tension and dread only continued to build.

Grad Night is a story with depth as well as terror and gore. Deep inside the suspense and horror and mind-fornicating sequences is a mirroring of important sociological realities. The story is built around it. Pike’s expert wordsmithing combines real world horrors with realistic characters to create a truly terrifying foundation for this tale of demonic influence. Terrifying in its realism and speculation, its analytical bent on youth and social classes, its illustration of horrors we turn a blind eye to everyday, its dark and brutal cause and effect, this story will keep you up at night.

Grad Night was my first book by Carver Pike, but it will not be my last. It is one of those books where, upon reaching the end, I give the author a heartfelt FU followed by an equally heartfelt, “What else you got for me?” (which I did). I could write an analytical thesis on that ending if I recover from the impact of the read.

This shelf-worthy Extreme Horror Novel is highly recommended for hardcore horror fans!

Reviewer’s Notation: be sure and read the Afterword.
And see below for a link to Carver reading the first chapter on YouTube!

Get it on Amazon: Grad Night (global link)


About the Author: Carver Pike

My name is Carver Pike. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by everything horror. I’d sit cross-legged in front of the TV and watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre while devouring a bowl of Kaboom cereal. I always wished the ghost at the end of each episode of Scooby-Doo wouldn’t be just another man behind the mask. I wanted real ghastly ghouls, dastardly demons, and malevolent monsters.

At some point, I knew I couldn’t sit back and keep watching this horror world from the stands. I wanted to be in the game. So, now I wield this virtual pen and sling ink onto this page with the hopes of someday being a major player. I want to create those worlds you visit, feed that fear that keeps you up late at night, and entertain you in ways only the greatest storytellers can.

Be advised, most of my books are very graphic in nature. Most contain strong violence, and some have very detailed sex scenes. I try to give you a warning in the book blurb.

Hopefully, we’ll form a great author-reader relationship and you’ll come to trust that Carver Pike will always keep you entertained.

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Carver Pike reads Chapter 1 of Grad Night:

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