Cosmic Horror / Horror Fiction / William Holloway


The R’Lyeh Cycle


Epic Eldritch Apocalypse Horror



They called it the Event.

The Event changed everything. The earthquakes came first, including the Big One, shattering the Pacific Rim and plunging the world into chaos. Then the seas came, the skies opened, and the never-ending rain began. But as bad as that was, there is something worse.

The Rising has begun.

In Texas, a lone man who abandoned the world for his addictions searches a waterlogged Austin for something, anything to cling to. Little does he know that something else searches for him.

In the Sonoran Desert, the downtrodden search for a better life north of the border, only to see the desert become an ocean: an ocean that takes life and gives death.

In the woods of Alabama, survivors escape to Fort Resistance, but soon discover that it isn’t just the horrors of the deep places of the world that they need to fear; but rather a new and more deadly pestilence that has grown in their own ranks.

In England, it’s too late to fight, and all that’s left is to survive. One man reaches for his own humanity, but what to do when humanity is an endangered species?

And in the Pacific, He is rising.

Content Review

The Abyssal Plain: The R’Lyeh Cycle is an epic Eldritch Apocalypse Horror that will change apocalypse fiction forever. The novel is comprised of four separate parts, each one a story of the events from a different area told by a different author.

It begins with “Ammonia” by William Holloway. Holloway’s masterful way with cosmic and Lovecraftian Horror is at its finest as he immerses you in The Event and one man’s subsequent struggle in the wake of it. Unrelenting suspense and terror compel you on as the true horror of The Event begins to unfold. This story is unparalleled in concept and execution, a brilliant creation bringing myth into reality with all of modern science to back it. It is the final evolution of Lovecraftian Horror.

But wait, there’s more.

The Sisters of Slaughter continue this epic horror with “A Sunken Desert.” Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason, aka The Sisters of Slaughter, take us to the Arizona desert where the human horror element is rampant. Is it insanity or human nature or something more profound? The Sisters’ vivid, well-developed characters take us deeper into the ever-changing horrors of the aftermath of The Event.

“The Rise and Fall” by Brett J Talley is a tale of physical and mental survival in Alabama as the horror of The Event spreads. Talley uses action, suspense, and human failing to keep you glued to the pages. The formula is reminiscent of classic King, but the telling and content is pure Talley.

The concluding story is “The Great Beast” by Rich Hawkins. Hawkins takes us to England and tells the story of a man in the midst of horrors from the Event, horrors both human and not human, horrors we have not seen prior. Hawkins’s rich and flowing storytelling reveal the final stage of events leading to the climax of this epic apocalyptic horror.

Cosmic Horror. Apocalypse Horror. Lovecraftian Horror. Suspense, terror, action, cults, disasters, violence, and horrifying creatures. The Abyssal Plain is a horror masterwork, a brilliant concept brought to life by brilliant authors, an epic apocalyptic horror unlike any other.

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