Extreme Horror / Horror Fiction


By Kenzie Jennings


An Engaging Extreme Horror Delight


While her rehab counselor’s advice replays in her mind, Ansley Boone takes on the role of dutiful bridesmaid in her little sister’s wedding at an isolated resort in the middle of hill country, a place where cell reception is virtually nonexistent and everyone else there seems a stranger primed to spring. Tensions are already high between the Boones and their withdrawal suffering eldest, who has since become the family embarrassment, but when the wedding reception takes a vicious turn, Ansley and her sister must work together to fight for survival and escape the resort before the groom’s cannibalistic family adds them to the post wedding menu.


Content Review

reading Reception by Kenzie JenningsI purchased Reception from the author at Killercon 2019. I was not familiar with Kenzie at the time, but there she sat at one of the tables during the author signing with a single title before her and a deceptively sweet smile on her face.

Me: So, tell me what your book is about.

Her: Cannibals at a wedding reception!

Me: Sold!


That is, in fact, just how it happened.

And then, recently, I read it.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Yes, cannibals at a wedding reception, but so much more than that.

Reception by Kenzie Jennings is an extreme horror novel told in first person. The character Ansley Boone takes on a journey of grief, medication withdrawal, persecution, and unimaginable horror.

Kenzie Jennings has created an unapologetically brash and realistic main character who destroys stereotypes and generalizations with every word and details realities we don’t discuss in all their stomach squashing glory. The story starts out with a big bang and flows from there with foreshadowing both blatant and subtle, compelling observations and action sequences, and engaging (sometimes darkly humorous) perceptions of other characters. Sometimes the story drags you with all due tension right in the direction you just know it has to be going, other times it takes a hard turn into unexpected and shocking places.

And that ending!!

I loved Reception for its realistic characters, its dark satire, and its graphic, engaging horror. Extreme horror and Splatterpunk fans will enjoy this darkly fun story. A brilliant first novel. Add Kenzie Jennings to the list of superior female extreme horror writers.

Kenzie, you have my attention. What’s next on the menu?

Get it on Amazon: RECEPTION



About the Author: Kenzie Jennings

Kenzie Jennings is an English professor currently residing and sweltering in the humid tourist hub of central Florida. She has written pieces for a handful of news and entertainment publications and literary magazines throughout the years. Back when she was young and impetuous, she had two screenplays optioned by a couple of production companies, but her screenwriting career ended there, and she hasn’t looked back since. Reception is her debut novel.

Website: https://thisonpurpose.wordpress.com/

Twitter @kenzieblyjay

Instagram kenziejennings2




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