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The Configuration Discordant

The Configuration Discordant
By John Baltisberger



The Configuration Discordant: An exploration of poetry through the lens of murder, madness, and monsters.

Poetry in one form or another has been around almost as long as language. We have used it to communicate our joys and heartbreaks, our victories and our losses. But fear has also been a constant companion, and our ghost stories and monsters stretch their claws back into history as far as the eyes can see.

The Configuration Discordant is an exploration of not only that fear, but of our global journey through poetry. 100 poems exploring 75+ forms of poetic expression from the humble haiku to the mysterious Qasida. Only through a full examination of our own fears and creative outlets can we ever hope to master, or give fully into, either …

Content Review

One of the things I truly enjoy about The Configuration Discordant by John Baltisberger is the diverse poetry types and styles, from Ekphrastic to Sonnet to Free Verse Prose, even, as the synopsis states, haiku. Each poem in the collection is a separate and unique work of dark literary art.

Of the ones I personally found impactful, “Cicada’s Prayer” stands out the most. I will never hear the sound of cicadas splitting my eardrums again without feeling foreboding rather than mere annoyance, for “The wings’ buzz is apocalyptical.”

“I Watch” is an entire horror short story within a beautifully crafted poem, vivid and moving and horrifying.

“The Mother Waits” also contains all the elements of a story and is reminiscent of Poe in my mind, dark and flowing, but also with a slight Lovecraftian feel to the storyline.

John Baltisberger has an obvious gift for writing poetry. I find myself going back to reread specific poems because they stay in my mind. Not since Poe have I been so moved by horror poetry. This sophisticated collection of moving and horrifying poetry is a must for every horror library.

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About the Author: John Baltisberger

The Mad Austin Poet, when not writing Kaiju Horror poetry, John can be found reading through the slush piles and submissions as the editor of Madness Heart Press. He spends his time squirreled away fervently working on the next book, only taking breaks to record episodes of Madness Heart Radio and Wandering Monster, or to eat, or to play with puppies. John lives with his patient and gorgeous wife Desiree, and maniacal and powerful daughter Aziza.

John at Madness Heart Press



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