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Resisting Madness


By Wesley Southard

Unique and Horrifying



What drives a man mad?

Maybe it’s the death of a loved one … or the petrifying fear of hands around your throat … the dread of rejection … or maybe it’s the black, soulless eyes of a child that shatters your sanity …

Within these pages, delirium reigns supreme. You’ll discover how far a prisoner will go to be with his dying wife, and what lurks between the walls of that Louisiana jailhouse to keep him there. You’ll find out how deep a man can cut himself to dig out the past. You’ll meet a college professor whose fear of flying might be the least of his worries. And you’ll learn how a sister’s love for sweet treats can reunite a broken family … whether they want it or not.

Aliens and lot lizards … disembodied lips … the voice of God Himself …

Thirteen stories and a brand-new novella from horror author Wesley Southard.

Within these pages, we all go a little mad …

Content Review

Resisting Madness by Wesley Southard is a surprisingly fantastic collection. I say surprisingly because the insanity premise is so common, I expected it to be a bit trite, but it isn’t. It is not a regurgitation of the subgenre. It is not trite. The stories are unique and creative and horrifying and just might make the reader go a bit mad.

The collection is 5-star on the whole, but as with all collections, there are some stories I liked more than others. Let’s look at a few of my favorite stories in Resisting Madness:

“Arrearages” is a dark and brutal tale of torture. But I have to admit I laughed out loud inappropriately when I realized where the story was going. It is a disturbingly creative piece.

“He Loves Me Not” is profanely beautiful in the telling. The prosy first-person narrative flows and builds as the horror of it blooms like a flower in spring time.

“Minor Leaguer” is a tense and brutal story with an absolutely masterful beginning.

“God Bless You” … all I can say is you gotta love horror comedy!

“Confusion in Southern Illinois” is one of the most horrific, disturbing shorts I’ve ever read. Just saying.

“Bust to Dust” is absolutely blasphemous. The humor is so dark I’m not sure how I feel about myself for even saying it has dark humor. I am surely going to hell for finding humor in this twisted story, if not for enjoying it in general.

I bought Resisting Madness on kindle and now wish I had it in paperback. (Wesley, will you be at Killercon this year?) It is shelf-worthy. The stories stay in your head and beg to be read again—demand to be read again. And you can’t resist the madness therein.

Warning: brutal, disturbing, and not for the faint of heart, but highly recommended for lovers of more extreme horror.

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About the Author: Wesley Southard

Wesley Southard is the author of The Betrayed, Closing Costs, One For The Road, and Resisting Madness, and has had short stories appear in outlets such as Cover of Darkness Magazine, Eulogies II: Tales from the Cellar and Clickers Forever: A Tribute to J.F. Gonzalez. When not watching numerous hours of ice hockey, he spends his free time reading and drinking copious amounts of green soda. He is also a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, and he currently lives in South Central Pennsylvania with his wife and their cavalcade of animals.

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