Horror Fiction / Mark Lumby

Sword and Snakes

See what Christina over at The Voracious Gnome has to say about Sword and Snakes by Mark Lumby.

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The Voracious Gnome

When I read the first chapter of Swords and Snakes I was excited that it takes place in Victorian London. I personally love stories that take me back in time and especially to this era.

Victor is an artist. He’s a special type of artist that has a unique perspective in the art he creates. Victor works as a free lance artist who is hired to draw pictures of corpses in the London morgue to preserve for posterity. He is a lonely man that occasionally pays women of the night to keep him company. He uses his skill to capture the ladies of the night who entreat him.

Because of his talent, Victor is called upon to join an exclusive club, Sword and Snakes, who have far reaching operatives in multiple trades and governments. Will he join? Will he play their game? While reading, I likened Sword and Snakes to…

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