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Blood Awakening

By Ian Woodhead




The people of Welbourgh have their traditions, their problems … and their secrets.
But Welbourgh’s most sinister secret lies beneath, waiting to be revealed. To be awakened.

When unsuspecting lovers release the ancient vampire clans, their blood legacy is awakened and their rivalry revived. The vampires hunt to end humanity, to build their ranks, to fight their centuries old war. The people of Welbourgh fight the heritage of their blood and fight for their lives.
Who will win?
Who will rule?
Who will survive?


Editorial Comments

Blood Awakening is a modern vampire novel by Ian Woodhead. It may or may not be considered Extreme Horror due to the graphic violence and sex in the story, but the descriptions are not gratuitous as they are relevant to both the characters and the story.

The story was originally published in 2014 under the title Sleeper Cells but has been rewritten and edited extensively. I am not offering a complete review because I am the editor and that would not be proper.

I will say I enjoy this story immensely. Ian has created an incredible and unique vampire mythos that may ultimately include subsequent novels. One can only hope. I believe fans of vampires and extreme horror alike will enjoy this novel in its new form. Fans of Ian Woodhead will surely love it. But, it may not be for the squeamish or those who prefer their vampires romantic and sparkly. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Available in Kindle and Paperback.

Get it on Amazon: getbook.at/BloodAwakening


About the Author Ian Woodhead

Born in the 60′s, he managed to survive the decades that followed with minimum trauma. He lives in the north of England, the County of West Yorkshire, and is married with four children, four stepchildren and numerous pets.

He has been a writer for over two decades but has only recently decided to make a name for himself, with several novels and multiple short stories available. Ian writes mainly in the horror genre, but sometimes likes to add a helping of Science fiction and romance.

Ian Woodhead on Amazon

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