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Slaughter Box: A Diablo Snuff Story

A Diablo Snuff Story
By Carver Pike


Intense and Brilliant



Kong has experienced evil in many shapes and forms. From the death of a childhood friend to military buddies blown up in a landmine incident, one thing has always been consistent – the tall man who’s always there. The demon clad in black never says a word, but he oversees every evil deed as it unfolds. Kong has tried outrunning him, but he always seems to catch up.

Kong has made it his life’s mission to hunt down the evil entity known as Diablo Snuff. The name is spray painted on the sides of train cars and whispered about in the shadows, but he’s unable to uncover any real leads. It’s all talk. All hearsay. All lore.

Ready to give up, Kong heads home and tries his hand at a new, normal life. He even gets up the courage to ask his best friend’s sister out on a date. He’s known Sammy all her life, and she’s had a crush on him since they were kids. Tonight is the night. Pulling the flyer he found stuck to his windshield out of his pocket, Kong decides he’s going to take her to the grand re-opening of the 5-Star Movie Plex downtown.

What can go wrong?
If he only knew … you don’t find Diablo Snuff. It finds you.

You’ve met Kong in Passion & Pain and in The Grindhouse: Diablo Snuff 2. This is his stand-alone story.


Content Review

This book is a wild ride!

Slaughter Box by Carver Pike is a fast-paced and ominous extreme horror story. It is a stand-alone in the Diablo Snuff books. This tells me one can read it without reading any of the others first, and technically, you can.
And I did.

Regarding that, I will say this: You might want to read at least the first one of the series prior to reading this one. Slaughter Box can stand alone, but the story fills your head with questions and makes you want to read the others anyway.
But, if you want a peek at Diablo Snuff without starting on the series, this is it.

If you are looking for a good, hardcore extreme horror novel, this is it.

If you want to test your intestinal fortitude, here you go!

Slaughter Box is explicit and graphic and very well-written. And it is a good story, a solid story.  Told in first person, the ominous and maddening foreshadowing keeps the reader on the edge of their seat (as it were), knowing something is about to go sideways but not what or how. Maddening. And when the story takes that turn, it’s a hard turn that leaves your guts behind. This has all the elements of a great thriller and all the elements of a great extreme horror novel. It is a brilliant work brilliantly done.

That synopsis blurb, well, it is a little generic. It does not do the story justice. But that can be forgiven. Suffice it to say there is so much more to this novel than that synopsis. The intensity and sequences and characters bring so much more to the story. But mind the warning and the cover art. Slaughter Box is for consenting adults who enjoy intense, graphic horror.

This is a shelf-worthy read.

Get it on Amazon: SLAUGHTER BOX (global link)

About the Author: Carver Pike

My name is Carver Pike. Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by everything horror. I’d sit cross-legged in front of the TV and watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre while devouring a bowl of Kaboom cereal. I always wished the ghost at the end of each episode of Scooby-Doo wouldn’t be just another man behind the mask. I wanted real ghastly ghouls, dastardly demons, and malevolent monsters.

At some point, I knew I couldn’t sit back and keep watching this horror world from the stands. I wanted to be in the game. So, now I wield this virtual pen and sling ink onto this page with the hopes of someday being a major player. I want to create those worlds you visit, feed that fear that keeps you up late at night, and entertain you in ways only the greatest storytellers can.

Be advised, most of my books are very graphic in nature. Most contain strong violence, and some have very detailed sex scenes. I try to give you a warning in the book blurb.

Hopefully, we’ll form a great author-reader relationship and you’ll come to trust that Carver Pike will always keep you entertained.

Connect with Carver Pike:

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Twitter @CarverPike






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