Horror Fiction / Kevin Kennedy / Steven Stacy


By Steven Stacy
Kevin J Kennedy


Intense and Fast-paced


Three captivating models are stalked through the fashion capitals of Europe by a self-mutilating killer who wants to get under their skin.

In this nineties, neo-noir style, erotically charged thriller, Olivia Leadoux is a gorgeous Hitchcockian blonde being stalked by a deranged madman named ‘Stitches.’

Olivia is haunted by visions of the killer’s next target as he closes in on her and her friends. Can she stop the murderer before he kills again? Horror mystery writer, Steven Stacy and horror author, Kevin J. Kennedy join forces to tell this powerful thriller of deception and lust that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the terrifying finalé.


Content Review

Stitches is a fast-paced and intense horror thriller from Steven Stacy and Kevin J Kennedy.  I read this novella in one sitting. Once you start it, you can’t just stop. It is compelling, sexy, gruesome, and disturbing.

Back in my modeling days—don’t ask—I had a fear of stalkers, and it was a stalker that ultimately made me walk away from modeling. This story hit home for me. And I know what you might be thinking: two men writing about three female models, it has to be stereotyped at best. Surprisingly, no, it is not. The characters are well presented and three dimensional, and the story flows really well.

Don’t let the simplified synopsis fool you. This story has substance. I can only imagine writing a synopsis blurb without spoilers is difficult for this story.

I enjoyed this story. If you like horror thrillers, I think you would too.

Get it on Amazon: getbook.at/stitches


About the Authors

Steven Stacy:

Steven is a huge horror movie fan and loves all styles of the genre, from slasher to psychological. His interest was first sparked, after his mother bought him the point horror book, ‘Beach House’ at age thirteen.

His interest in horror escalated, after watching ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, which he still says, is his favourite ever horror movie. Other interests include comics, fantasy, science fiction and animals, especially cats.

Steven has written and edited for his university magazine, has a degree in Creative English and has an IQ of 154 (the same as Sharon Stone). He has written two novels, a screenplay and enjoys writing short stories; these of course, are all horror themed.


Kevin J Kennedy:

Kevin J Kennedy is a horror author & editor from Scotland. He is best known for his 100 Word Horrors & The Horror Collection anthology series. He is also the man behind the Collected Horror Shorts series and an editor on multiple other anthologies.
He co-authored You Only Get One Shot & Screechers and has two solo collections available called Dark Thoughts & Vampiro and Other Strange Tales of the Macabre.
His stories also appear in a wealth of anthologies from a variety of publishers.

He lives in a small town in Scotland, with his wife and his two little cats, Carlito and Ariel.

Keep up to date with new releases or contact Kevin through his website: http://www.kevinjkennedy.co.uk



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