Horror Fiction / Matt Shaw

A Suburban Haunting

By Matt Shaw


Fast-paced, Fun, and Creepy


When Craig’s uncle passes away, he didn’t shed a tear. The pair hadn’t spoken for a couple of years now after a family row and – with that in mind – Craig didn’t bother to attend the funeral.

However, soon after, he is cornered by his uncle’s solicitor with some unexpected news. Despite the pair not speaking, Craig had been left his uncle’s house.

At first Craig believed it to be a generous gift and, perhaps, a way of saying sorry from beyond the grave, but he soon realises all is not as it seems and the house is less a gift and more a curse…

WARNING: Whilst there are strong psychological elements within this book, there are also extreme scenes of a sexual nature and strong violence.



A Suburban Haunting by Matt Shaw is not your typical Matt Shaw. This is neither extreme horror nor Splatterpunk, as most of us are used to from him. This is something else. This is a brilliantly crafted haunted house story as only Matt Shaw can do.

A Suburban Haunting has all the elements of a classic haunted house tale, spiced up with Matt Shaw’s flair for the irreverent. I found myself momentarily lulled into a sense of excited expectation right before the story took a hard left turn and then spiraled into Matt Shaw land. I am a fan of Shaw’s extreme horror, but I humbly admit I did not know he had this level of writing in him, in spite of meeting him in person (or maybe because of it).

suburbanMShaw1aThis story is a blend of haunted house thriller, psychological horror, and edgy Matt Shaw content. The warning contained in the synopsis is specifically directed at those who may not be familiar with Shaw. This is a fantastic horror novel, but while it does not qualify as extreme horror, it does contain some very extreme content that may be offensive to mainstream readers. Said content is blended seamlessly into the story and is a relevant part of the storyline, so nothing gratuitous here. For those who are fans of Shaw’s extreme horror, you will find this tame for him, but the quality of the story is truly worth your time.

I have already told Shaw what words I had for him after the ending was done violating my brain.

I am happy to have a hard copy of this shelf-worthy tale. I will read this one over and over again. It’s fast-paced, fun, and creepy.


Get it on Amazon: getbook.at/asuburbanhaunting



About the Author: Matt Shaw

MATT SHAW is the published author of over 120 stories. Although known as being a horror author, he also enjoys spending time in other genres too – something he had always planned to do in order to have at least one book, in a wide collection, which would appeal to people from all walks of life. Shaw was first published in 2004 with his horror novel Happy Ever After – the first of his books to reach the number one slot on Amazon and the first of his books to use his trademark style of narrating the stories through the first person perspective. An extremely prolific writer, Matt Shaw is continually writing as well as keeping up to date with his readers via his (some might say) crazy Author Page on Facebook.


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