Horror Fiction / Robert Ford

Samson and Denial

By Robert Ford


A twisted, powerful read


Samson Gallows is an average guy. He loves his wife, loses more than he wins, and lives his days in the gray zone between right and wrong.

After a junkie walks into his pawn shop with a mummified head, Samson is thrown into a downward spiral through the streets of Philadelphia, getting more blood on his hands wherever he goes.

In 24 hours, Samson learns how deep betrayal can run, how strong the bonds of love are, and that winning can sometimes require sacrificing everything—including himself.



Samson and Denial by Robert Ford is part dark thriller and part supernatural horror. It is a twisted and fun combination. The story is a well-paced, fast, and entertaining read told in evocative first person. Evocative? Yes. This is a very emotion evoking story, which surprised me. Robert Ford’s writing is like that. His characters are colorful and vivid, his sequences powerful. The story’s climax was especially impactful, in my opinion. Unexpected, dramatic, poignant.

This is a fantastic novella with surprising depth and moments of dark humor. I have actually read it twice. The paperback is a tiny thing, but still a worthy addition to the Templum Library.

Get it on Amazon: getbook.at/SamsonandDenial



About the Author: Robert Ford

Robert Ford grew up on a large farm in Maryland and currently lives in Central Pennsylvania. He has written novels, novellas, and short stories, in addition to several screenplays. He attends several writing/horror conventions each year for signings and live readings.

“The books I write are always focused on the characters, first and foremost. Anything else just happens to be happening.

If I can write a story that makes the reader feel–laugh, or cry, or get angry or upset–if I can write an engaging story that involves the reader and hits them emotionally, then, and only then, have I done my job.”

Visit him at http://robertfordauthor.com/



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