Dark Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Horror Fiction / John Baltisberger / Reed Alexander

Inhuman Error

John Baltisberger
Reed Alexander



Book One of the UPD Novella Series

Something has emerged from the lake waters of Houston to slaughter partying campers. A special unit of the FBI is dispatched to investigate and stop the murders. The Unnatural Perpetrator Department, division of the FBI, is a unit of agents that specialize in the mystical, the occult, and the divine. They are tasked with hunting and stopping serial killers of ‘unnatural origins.’

Enter Agent Dianna Saferstein, a gifted criminal profiler from a mundane background. She must come to terms with the existence of magic and faerie co-workers, and stop an uncontrollable killing machine that has a taste for the brains of its victims.



Inhuman Error is a the first in a dark urban fantasy horror series written by John Baltisberger and Reed Alexander. This story has strong, engaging characters and a great storyline. These authors have stepped a little outside the box.

Inhuman Error is a fast-paced tale, short and engrossing, perfect for a quick, entertaining read. While the story has a definitive ending, it leaves you wanting more, looking forward to another book. Lucky for me, I have the next book in the series on my bookshelf. I really love the diversity of the characters and how the authors create excellent characterization without overwriting.

It’s a great story. Highly recommended for fans of urban fantasy horror.

Get it on Amazon: getbook.at/InhumanError



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