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Blood & Mud

By John Baltisberger



Evocative. Horrifying. Riveting.


Austin Poet and author, John Baltisberger, (ARTIFICE OF FLESH, THE CONFIGURATION DISCORDANT) makes his St Rooster Books debut with a powerful kaiju novella full of Jewish mysticism, death, and destruction.

When a good man is senselessly murdered during Chicago’s Gay pride event, Satan summons a horrifying monster of old, releasing both his anger and the monster in defiance of Heaven and humanity.

BLOOD & MUD includes an essay on Jewish occultism and mythology, revealing the rich tapestry of mystery and history that inspired Baltisberger and this harrowing novella.



Blood & Mud by John Baltisberger is an absolutely riveting story!

This novella is evocative, horrifying, and a truly interesting read. It is based on Jewish lore and offers an uncommon presentation of angels, demons, historic monsters, and our concept of evil. The story doesn’t just flow, it moves and pulls you along with it.

Blood & Mud is part creature feature and part folklore horror. If you want a horrifying creature, you got it, and all the horrifying lore that goes with it. The story is completely entertaining, in a horror genre sort of way.  Additionally, it has a lot of subtle depth for a novella. It’s a story about evil and the perception of evil—and consequently, the perception of good. The story doesn’t just entertain, it speaks to me. It makes me feel, it makes me think, it makes me cringe. I am becoming enraptured by Jewish Horror.

The brief essay following the story is a fantastic addition and worth the read. It gives insight into why you see a different representation of those in the story. Very intriguing.

I will have this shelf-worthy book in paperback, and I will read it again and again.

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About the Author: John Baltisberger

John never thought he would write horror or darker fiction, he was planning on writing fantasy. But something about setting all of the occult and fantastical elements of fantasy just behind the backdrop of the modern world appealed to him, and he wanted to introduce the world to the incredible mythology of mythic Judaism.

He spends his time squirreled away fervently working on the next book or engaging in the ‘Obliterate the Globe’ project, only taking breaks to record episodes of Madness Heart Radio and Wandering Monster, or to eat, or to play with puppies. John lives with his patient and gorgeous wife Desiree, and maniacal and powerful daughter Aziza.

You can find him and the project at


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