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The Horror Collection: Extreme Edition

Extreme Edition
KJK Publishing

Extreme Horror Fans Only



The Horror Collection: Extreme Edition, KJK Publishing celebrates the 11th book of the series with a twist. This special edition is only one of three of the series that showcase stories of a specific theme. This one targets the horror sub-genre — extreme.

Featuring explicit, sexy and depraved never-before-published stories from:
Nic Brady
Matthew M. Clarke
David Owain Hughes
Kevin J. Kennedy
Kyle M. Scott
Matt Shaw
Natasha Sinclair

Since its conception in 2018, The Horror Collection series has been a firm favourite amongst global horror readers.

The Extreme Edition is the unruly weirdo in the family who has no filter. The one that all the good crass, uncomfortable and disturbing stories come from — you wouldn’t trust them alone with your wife or kid! Hell, you don’t exactly want to be caught up alone with them yourself! This one has no boundaries. It’s the social anarchist of the relatively straight-laced bunch — that’s even with the freaky bizarro cousin interwoven through the books.

If you always wish for that bit more gratuitous sex and violence, this book is for you.



Extreme Horror fans only! This is called the Extreme Edition for a reason. I myself enjoy extreme horror, and I loved it.

The first story is “The Wife” by Matt Shaw, and if you are familiar with Shaw’s work, you know what to expect. This story is intricate, unpredictable, gruesome and downright nasty in places. It’s also a darke tale about love and loss and insanity as only Shaw can write it.

“Miss Sideshow Nectrotic” by David Owain Hughes is a seriously disturbed and disturbing tale about a woman’s journey to self-discovery in the aftermath of the apocalypse of the undead. This graphic and gruesome story is followed by “Collector’s Edition” by Natasha Sinclair, shich is about a psychopath and a porn start at the beginning of a plague of undead. You have to read this one and experience the unique and clever twist the author has created within the subgenre of the undead.

“Gone Fishing” by Matthew A Clarke is a brutal and evocative story about abduction and torture and inner demons, but it is unlike any other such tale I have read. Following that is “Steak Tartare” by Nic Brady, which is a story about a narcissist cannibal told in first person. This story is messed up in ways I cannot even begin to describe. It has a creep factor that is off the charts and is disturbing in ways you have to experience to understand.

“Rage” by Kevin J. Kennedy is a brutal and violent tale about a guy with anger issues being pushed too far by bullying gang members. An excellent story, but not for the squeamish.

The last story is “Broken Things” by Kyle M. Scott. It is also about bullies, but in this one, a boy is being ruthlessly bullied by his older brother. In addition to some very intense psychological horror, this story has some boundary-crossing graphic content and crosses the line into Splatterpunk. The ending was absolutely mind-blowing.

This collection is a must-have, must-read for extreme horror fans. Check your intestinal fortitude at the cover.

Get it on Amazon: viewbook.at/HorrorCollectionEx



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