Extreme Horror / Short Story Collection

A Bouquet of Viscera

By Bridgett Nelson


Intense. Evocative. Brutal.



An overzealous vigilante, who sees her victims’ auras, finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation. A young woman, injected with a microchip in a futuristic America, develops unusual and grisly cravings. Four high school graduates end up on the menu of a giant, mutant sea creature. Diary entries share shocking and disturbing confessions…but who is the author?

Bridgett Nelson, a fresh new talent in the world of horror, makes her debut with this short fiction collection containing these stories and more! These gory tales of revenge and retribution are sure to terrify and delight readers in equal measure.

Before opening the pages of A BOUQUET OF VISCERA, be sure to take a deep, calming breath. Because these nightmare scenarios, and many others, are lurking under the covers and waiting just for you.

Foreword by Ronald Kelly.



A Bouquet of Viscera by Bridgett Nelson is aptly named; it is indeed a bouquet of viscera. That this sweet, lovely person can produce literary horror of such depth and magnitude is a testament to her skill and talent. Brace yourself.

abouquetofviscera1bbThese stories are meticulously cause-and-effect, that is to say, for all the horror and graphic content, nothing is gratuitous, everything is vivid and valid and relevant. They are as evocative and engrossing as they are horrifying and disturbing. And they are quite horrifying and disturbing, though each in its own way. “Reflections” is a combination of horror thriller, real-life horrors, and psychological horror, a unique blend; while “Cooked!” is a futuristic sci-fi horror about corruption, exploitation, and terror. Both very different from one another but horrifying and disturbing nonetheless.

But I am going to speak to the most controversial tale in the lot: “Jinx.” This story comes with a deserved content warning for “graphic, violent sexual assault.” Now, to be honest, it is not the most violent or graphic sexual assault I have read, not even in the top five. But it is the most well-written, the most evocative, the most wrenching, and not just the event but the whole story. If you have the fortitude to get through it, you will find this is the best written sexual assault story ever. But it will wreck you … as good horror does.

Other themes include creature horror, supernatural horror, the science fungal horror of “Spores” (a gruesome, fascinating story, loved it), a Splatterpunk revenge horror, so many horrors. And Bridgett Nelson brings them to vivid life, makes them personal, adds a touch of realism so that the stories invade the dark corners of your mind and take up residence.

This intense, evocative, and brutal collection is a must-read for fans of Extreme Horror. I look forward to more from this author.


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About the Author: Bridgett Nelson

Once an operating room registered nurse, Bridgett Nelson so enjoyed playing with human organs, she decided to turn her macabre interest into a horror writing career. She loves bubble baths (because nothing says spooooky writer like orange-scented bubbles), hates not knowing what’s swimming in the water with her, lives for Halloween season (but loathes chainsaw-wielding dudes in haunted houses), adores her West Virginia University Mountaineers, is very pro-Oxford comma, and thinks bananas are absolutely disgusting.

She was a 2022 Michael Knost “Wings” award nominee, and won second place (out of fourteen contestants) in the ’22 Gross-Out contest at KillerCon in Austin, Texas.

Bridgett has contributed to multiple anthologies, including COUNTING BODIES LIKE SHEEP, edited by K Trap Jones. Her debut collection, A BOUQUET OF VISCERA, is available now!

More tidbits! Bridgett is a(n)…

HWA: WV Chapter co-chair. Editor. Audiobook proofer. Bookworm. Dog lover. Tarantula whisperer. Bra avoider. ENJF. Amaretto Sour obsessor.

Check out her website for more info. www.bridgettnelson.com


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