My name is Lisa and I am a bibliophile.


Sculpture by Author and Artist Brian Glossup http://vilewaste.wixsite.com/zombieheadz


No, I am not the little dude on the bookshelf in the picture.  That is zombie head dude, a creation of Brian Glossup, and he just watches over the anthologies shelf of one of the two horror fiction book cases in my library.

I have a library room in my house.  It is not yet perfect and may never be, but it’s state of constant change makes me almost as happy as its existence.  Why?  Because I am always acquiring new books and new library art.  While I do have a Kindle Fire with many books on it, actual physical books are my first love.

My first book (that was mine and not part of the sibling collective books) was made of cardboard and I still have it.


It was given to me for my 4th birthday and my big sister taught me how to read it, all of it, within a week.  Reading is my passion, my escape, my drug of choice.

When I was in high school, my other sister introduced me to the wonderful world of John Saul and I was delightfully corrupted forever…


I have learned through the perspective of others that I am a picky reader, almost snobby.  While I enjoy many genres and subgenres, I require writing that is more than entertaining, I require stories that entertain and evoke thought and emotion.  While my preference can change with my mood, my pickiness doesn’t.

For this reason, I have been known to beta read and do proof reading for a few of the fantastic writers I have the honor to be friends with on social media.  That sparked the idea of Bibliophilia Templum and here we are.

So, to authors, please feel free to contact me through here or Facebook if you would like to engage my services for beta reads, proof reading, or ARC review reads.

To all the readers, let’s discuss this wonderful world of the written word.