Author Services

Author Services

Authors, please feel free to contact me through here or Facebook if you would like to engage my services for beta reads, proof reading, copy editing, or ARC review reads.

I have a great love and respect for those gifted with the written word and I  understand that many of you have neither the time nor the patience for proof reading and editing.  I have an eye for such things and want to be of service to those who haven’t the budget for high dollar editing services.  Proofreading services start at just $2.00 per 1000 words, are tailored to your needs, and include beta read feedback as well as full review package when an edited ARC is provided.  To date, I am a part-time staff editor with Stitched Smile Publications, but I am still available for private editing projects with a polite enough amount of notice.

Speaking of review package, I love doing reviews.  Whether it’s an ARC or a post publication review, I am your girl.  The full review will be posted here on my blog and shared to Facebook.  Additionally, an edited version of the review will be posted to Amazon and to Goodreads.  Of course, anyone who knows me will tell you that the way to my heart is with physical books for the Templum Library, but I am happy to accept and review electronic formats as well.  Let’s see what you got!

Hmmm.  If you don’t know me, you may wonder a bit if I’m really your girl.  Well, that is completely understandable.  You can learn a little more about me on my About Bibliophilia page and please feel free to contact my references:

Mike Duke

Brian Knight

J. R. Knoll

Ian Woodhead

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A final word regarding me and my author services.  As my references and other authors will tell you, your success is more important to me than your ego.  You can count on my being honest with you.  If you prefer sugar coating, I can provide that at no extra charge; just let me know.