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The Terror at Turtleshell Mountain

By Sean McDonough


Gripping and Compelling.
Clear your calendar for a trip
to Turtleshell Mountain

Synopsis Blurb

Turtleshell Mountain is supposed to be the Most Joyous Place on Earth. That’s what Tess Cameron is counting on when she invites all of her friends there for the weekend. Tess has a secret, a good secret, and she can’t think of any better place to share it with the people she loves most.

But Turtleshell Mountain has its own secrets. Something has awakened inside of the park. Something scarier than any ride.  It won’t be long before Tess and her friends are the only people left alive in Turtleshell Mountain…

And that’s when the nightmare will really begin.

Content Review

When you pick up The Terror at Turtleshell Mountain by Sean McDonough, clear your calendar, because this compelling read will take you prisoner.

I received this book as a gift and was going to take a quick peek, then suddenly found myself seven chapters in. I contemplated canceling the rest of my day. I did not want to put it down. Of course, I could not cancel the rest of my day, and so I did put it down. When I got to Chapter 12.
I picked it up again that evening.

The story unfolds layer after layer, like a potent blooming onion that burns your eyes and nose but you just have to have, have to consume until it’s gone. The building dread, the gripping terror, the unexpected shocks as more and more is revealed; all of this pours forth from impactful characters, horrifying sequences, and stomach turning gore. The Terror at Turtleshell Mountain starts strong and stays strong right to the end.

The ending.
I still have a lingering WTF feeling in my bones.

And look at that retro cover art.
Look at it!
That is all the warning you get and all the warning you need. This story crosses over to extreme horror. It is perhaps not as graphic-gory-explicit as some extreme horror, but it is extreme nonetheless. The vivid and expertly written content is not necessarily for the horror thriller crowd, the easily offended, or those with less than sturdy intestinal fortitude. This is in your face, in your gut, in your head long after the words “The End” are behind you.

turtleshellmountain1bOn a personal note, I am fortunate to have the paperback of The Terror on Turtleshell Mountain. It has a matte finish cover, nice weight, nicely sized font, and is 368 pages of rollercoaster horror, pun intended.
But wait, there’s more.
Following the story is a ten-page preview of Rock and Roll Death Wish, and now I want to read that one too! After that is a modest half page author bio.

Read every word from title page to bio. Feel every page. Gaze upon the cover art and examine the detail. Caress the cover. This entire book is an experience.

Dread, terror, shock, gore. This book is a must read for the hardcore horror aficionado.

Get it on Amazon:
The Terror At Turtleshell Mountain (US Link)
The Terror At Turtleshell Mountain (UK Link)

About the Author: Sean McDonough

Sean McDonough lives in New York with his wonderful wife, beautiful daughter, and a room full of books. He has been a reality TV writer and a writer for hire of low-budget horror movies that necer get made. His first novel, Beverly Kills, is also available at amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and the iTunes bookstore.

See more on his goodreads page https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/9871909 and
Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/houseoftheboogeyman/

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