Horror Fiction / Jack Bantry / Robert Essig

Ain’t Worth a Shit

By Jack Bantry
Robert Essig


A gruesome read


From Jack Bantry, editor of Splatterpunk Zine and author of The Lucky Ones Died First, and Robert Essig, author of Death Obsessed, In Black, and People of the Ethereal Realm, comes a story of gut-wrenching noir.

Issy has become used to her new life in the UK, away from poverty in her native land. New beginnings weren’t without struggle, and sometimes the past comes back when you least expect it.

Mark dealt a little weed on the side, just enough to get him a few bucks and provide some for personal use. No big deal. Not until he makes a little mistake. Sometimes even the smallest error can turn into a dire situation.

There’s another world under the veneer of city streets in London’s Leicester Square, streets people walk every day without suspicion. Issy and Matt find out about this world in the worst ways imaginable, and they must fight for their lives to get out.

In this underworld, people Ain’t Worth A Shit!

Content Review

Ain’t Worth a Shit by Jack Bantry and Robert Essig is a suspenseful horror thriller posing as crime noir. This genre blending novella is a gruesome read.

While not terribly graphic in description, the content of this novella is both disturbing and horrifying. The fact that the premise is based on reality makes it even more horrifying. Fans of general thrillers may find this a little darker than they are comfortable with. Fans of hardcore horror will find this an enjoyable, dark little story where the horror is humanity.

One might find the title and/or cover art to be questionable, maybe even a touch off-putting, however, both are symbolic of the storyline. The classic crime noir style of the cover coupled with the type of graphic title often seen in extreme horror illustrates how this book falls between both genres. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure that I care for either cover or title, but there is no denying how both fit the book. So, if this gives you pause, understand that the cover is symbolic, the synopsis is an understated tease, and you should test your psychological fortitude with the realistic horrors of this gruesome dark thriller.

I read this novella in one day. I could not put it down. Ain’t Worth a Shit is fast-paced, compelling, and entertaining on a sick horror fan level. It is a gruesome and disturbing story full of suspense and action.

Did I mention it’s disturbing?

Without giving anything away, I will say that upon reading the ending, I was torn between laughing and throwing my Kindle. Judging by my husband’s reaction to me, I had an out loud verbal reaction that included bad words. Well played, gentlemen. Well played.

Get it on Amazon:
Ain’t Worth A Shit (US Link)
Ain’t Worth A Shit (UK Link)

About the Authors

Jack Bantry

Jack Bantry is the editor of Splatterpunk Zine. He’s the author of The Lucky Ones Died First (Deadite Press) and Ain’t Worth A Shit, (Sinister Grin Press) – the latter co-authored with Robert Essig. He has also edited numerous anthologies, including the Splatterpunk Award-winning anthology, Splatterpunk Fighting Back. He resides in a small town at the edge of the North York Moors.

Robert Essig

Robert Essig is the author of Death Obsessed, Brothers in Blood, In Black, Salpsan, People of the Ethereal Realm, and Through the In Between, Hell Awaits. In addition, he has published nearly 100 short stories, several novellas, and numerous book reviews. Robert lives in Southern California with his wife and son.
Find out what he’s been up to at robertessig.blogspot.com.

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