Andrew Lennon / Eric J Guignard / Horror Anthology / JC Michael / Kevin Kennedy / Mark Cassell / Toneye Eyenot

100 Word Horrors Book 4

An Anthology of Horror Drabbles
Compiled By Kevin J Kennedy



100 Word Horrors: Book 4 brings you over one hundred new drabbles from a wealth of horror authors. Some new, some old, but all great. Each and every one of us hope you have a blast with the final instalment in the series.

Included between the pages:
Adam Light – No Time Like the Present
Alanna Robertson-Webb – U R Next
Amber M. Simpson – The Old Man
Andrew Lennon – Cinema
Andrew Lennon – Motivation
Andrew Lennon – The Wave
Ann Christine Tabaka – Water World
Ann-Christine Tabaka – The Children of Earth
Billy San Juan – My Sincerest Apologies to any Innocent Victims
Callum Pearce – Cats
Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer – Haunted House
Chad Lutzke – Shingles on a Graham-Cracker Roof
Chloe Lennon – Hunger Pains
C.M. Saunders – Louie’s Room
Constanze Scheib – Sanatorium
Darren Tarditi – The Hunter
David Owain Hughes – Books-A-Million
David Owain Hughes – The Golden Sticker
Dawn DeBraal – Cannibal
Dawn DeBraal – Revived
Dawn DeBraal – Road Kill
Eddie D. Moore – Hide and Seek
Ellen A. Easton – Every Fifty Years the Roots Need Blood
Eric J. Guignard – Misadventures of an Aggrieved Recluse
Evans Light – Getting Carried Away
Evans Light – Swing Low
Evans Light – This Little Piggy
Gary McDonough – Curiosity
Greg Bennett – Tiny Terrors
Harris Coverley – Coins
Howard Carlyle – The Theatre of Screams
J. C. Michael – Domestic Bliss
J. C. Michael – Spectrum
Jacek Wilkos – Lair
Jack Lothian – Diamond Lake Killer
Jack Lothian – The Guest Room
Jackk N. Killington – Zombie
Jason Parent – Shape in the Dark
Joe X Young – Believe in Me
Joe X Young – Panto Season
Joel R Hunt – Mister Mushroom
Joel R Hunt – The Transylvania Box
John Boden – Meal
Josh A. Murphy – Slithering
Julian J. Guignard – Molly’s Wedding
Kevin Cathy – Inescapable
Kevin Cathy – The Coffin
Kevin J. Kennedy – Missing Halloween
Kevin J. Kennedy – Wrath of the Old Ones
Kevin Wetmore – Chiaroscuro Morning
Kevin Wetmore – Take the Long Way Home
Lee Franklin – Feed the Beast
Lee Franklin – You Look Prettier When You Smile
Lee Mountford – Choke
Lee Mountford – Predator
Mark Cassell – New Home
Mark Steensland – Stop
Matthew A Clarke – Worth It
Micah Castle – Inescapable End
N.M. Brown – Extra-Curricular Clone
Nerisha Kemraj – Asylum
Nerisha Kemraj – Mine
P.J. Blakey-Novis – A Friend for Ellie
P.J. Blakey-Novis – Captive
Paul D. Brazill – Swamplands
Regina Kenney – Fantasy
RJ Meldrum – Livestock
RJ Meldrum – Phantom
RJ Meldrum – Summer Snow
Robin Braid – Blood in the Moonlight
Robin Braid – Undead Champion
Ron Davis – The Job Interview
Ross Baxter – Eternal Life
Ross Jeffery – Poached Egg
Russell Smeaton – Bus Home
Ryan Colley – Cattle
Ryan Colley – Memory Stick
Ryan Colley – Ride-Hailing
Sheldon Woodbury – A Prison Inside Us
Sheldon Woodbury – The Museum of Horrors
Simon Cluett – Lanterns
Stacey Jaine McIntosh – Blood and Bone
Steve Stred – Open Call
Steve Stred – Terra
Terry Miller – To Feed a Monster
Theresa Jacobs – Armageddon
Timothy Friesenhahn – Hair
Timothy Friesenhahn – I
Tina Piney – Awaken to Death
Toneye Eyenot – Compelled to Rise
Toneye Eyenot – Dark Legion
Toneye Eyenot – Fiddlestyx
Toneye Eyenot – Slaughter by the Full of the Moon
Tristan Drue Rogers – Long Limbs at the E.R.
Tristan Drue Rogers – My Brother Gets Released today
Valerie Lioudis – Advice
Veronica Smith – All Alone
Veronica Smith – Too Little, Too Late
Veronica Smith – Vulture
Zoey Xolton – Better Off Dead
Zoey Xolton – Grave Concerns


Content Review

100 Word Horrors: Book 4 is another fantastic collection of horror drabbles brought to you by Kevin Kennedy and the last installment in the 100 Word Horrors series of collections.

If you missed the first three and don’t know what a drabble is, allow me to enlighten you. A drabble is a story of exactly 100 words, not including the title. Basically, it is very precise flash fiction. I was hooked on drabbles after the first edition of 100 Word Horrors. There is something amazing and sinister about an entire horror story being 100 words long.

As with 100 Word Horrors, 100 Word Horrors Part 2, and 100 Word Horrors Book 3, Book 4 is a diverse collection of stories from different horror subgenres. This means that you may not absolutely love every single one, but the book as a whole is a dark treasure of horror drabble indulgence. And I do love to indulge in drabbles.

As I did with Book 3, I will take a moment to mention a few of the drabbles from 100 Word Horrors: Book 4 that stood out to me.

“Swing Low” by Evans Light and “Zombie” by Jackk N. Killington, while nothing alike, are both flowing, sensory shorts of growing horror.

“Lanterns” by Simon Cluett is sick and twisted and fabulous.

“Louie’s Room” by C.M. Saunders is dark and wrenching and horrifying.

“Open Call” by Steve Stred is creative, so creative. It is dark humor at its finest.

“Misadventures of an Aggrieved Recluse” by Eric J. Guignard really spoke to me. Something wicked in me identifies with this story.

“Motivation” by Andrew Lennon makes me wonder what it says about me that it made me laugh out loud.

“Ride Hailing” by ryan Colley is the epitome of modern horror.

I also enjoyed many other drabbles from this excellent collection. Toneye Eyenot and Veronica Smith never disappoint, and Kevin Kennedy has his own fantastic stories herein as well. This collection is an absolute must for flash fiction horror fans.

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