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The Damned Ones

By Chris Miller


Mind-wrecking tension and horror


Twenty-six years after The Damned Place, Jim Dalton is now chief of police in the formerly sleepy town of Winnsboro, where a series of brutal murders leads him to believe something insidious is lurking just beneath the surface. As he meets with his childhood friends, the scope of what they hoped was left behind in the woods all those years ago begins to come into focus, and they realize they are once more all that stands in the way of a hungry beast from outside of reality and global destruction.

Ours isn’t the first world The Glutton has devoured, and if Jim and his friends can’t find the key to destroying it, it won’t be the last. THE DAMNED PLACE left its stain, and now mankind’s only hope rests within THE DAMNED ONES.

Content Review

The Damned Ones is a mind-wrecking extreme horror novel by Chris Miller. It is the sequel to The Damned Place. If you have not read The Damned Place, yes, you really need to read it first. If you have read it but it was a while back, worry not, Miller has included a brief but well-written overview of the first story at the beginning to refresh your memory.

Then the real fun starts.

Chris Miller has created a horror novel so rife with suspense and tension I felt it in every part of my body and every corner of my mind.  He uses shifting perspective—as one surely must in a story of such depth and magnitude—to create and maintain vivid characterization and flow. This is pulled off with brilliant skill and creates excellent places to pause and give one’s mind a brief respite from the relentless horror and suspense the story inflicts upon one’s psyche. Yes, I did take the occasional break despite the compelling nature of Miller’s writing; real life demanded it, as did my sanity. The Damned Ones is graphic and vivid and sometimes overwhelming due to how much it draws one in to the terror and suspense.

The Damned Ones flows remarkably well from the first story. The character evolution is realistic, the progression is believable, and the story is unpredictable. It is the perfect sequel formula executed with excellent skill. Like the first one, it crosses subgenre boundaries, combining supernatural, cosmic, suspense, and extreme horror. Like the first one, Miller writes without mercy.

Chris Miller has proven once again he is the budding new master of horror.

And that shocking cover art? Yeah, that is significant.
An absolutely shelf-worthy novel.

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Also available: the first book in the series The Damned Place

About the Author: Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a native Texan who has been writing from an early age but only started publishing in 2017. Since the release of his first novel, A MURDER OF SAINTS, he has released a novella–TRESPASS–two other novels–THE HARD GOODBYE and THE DAMNED PLACE–a single short story–FLUSHED–and has been inducted into multiple anthologies, including the acclaimed AND HELL FOLLOWED from Death’s Head Press, where his story BEHIND BLUE EYES appears alongside stories from Wrath James White, Jeff Strand, Sam West, Christine Morgan, James Watts, Mark Deloy, and The Sisters of Slaughter, just to name a few. He has another new novel coming soon, the second part of a trilogy of epic horror and the follow up to THE DAMNED PLACE, another novel due out in early 2020, a new cosmic horror novella in the final stages of drafting, and will be featured in more anthologies throughout the rest of this year and into next year. He is happily married to the love of his life Aliana, and they have three beautiful children.

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