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The Damned Place


By Chris Miller


A Masterwork of Terror



A small town with dark secrets.
A house hidden in the woods that holds horrors unimaginable.
Four friends on summer break fighting off a group of bullies who are dead set on ruining their summer of fun.

The little town of Winnsboro has buried its secrets beneath years of history and faded memories. But those secrets are about to be unearthed, releasing ancient creatures as a budding psychopath blooms.

Will they survive what comes for them and possibly the world?
Or will The Damned Place end it all?


Content Review

The Damned Place by Chris Miller is a story within a story, a daring multi-subgenre horror novel, a twisted Masterpiece. And Chris Miller is a brilliant storyteller.

Chris Miller takes the coming-of-age horror story premise to a new level of sophistication and terror in his novel, The Damned Place. To be clear, the subject matter and content place this story firmly under the heading of Extreme Horror despite the coming-of-age part of the storyline. This novel is for serious adult horrorphiles.

Miller daringly writes this piece in variable third-person limited, shifting perspectives at chapter changes with magnificent skill. This allows for complex characterization and chilling character insight without overwriting or compromising the ever growing, compelling tension of the story. I find this to be an excellent form of storytelling when done right, and Miller does it right!

The Damned Place begins with Miller building a story of horror and suspense, with vivid characters and incredible action and imagery. Then comes the back story, the origin story, in its horrifying, gruesome entirety—a story within a story. What follows is rolling terror and tension I felt in my body as the main story picks back up and repeatedly defies prediction, defies reason, and defies subgenre labels as it climaxes and concludes.

The Damned Place by Chris MillerMiller writes without mercy.
No mercy for his characters.
No mercy for his readers.

Supernatural, cosmic, suspenseful, coming-of-age, extreme horror.

The Damned Place is a Masterwork of terror, and Chris Miller is the budding new master of horror!

Note on the physical book: You can’t truly appreciate the size of The Damned Place until you have it in your hands!

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About the Author: Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a native Texan who has been writing from an early age but only started publishing in 2017. Since the release of his first novel, A MURDER OF SAINTS, he has released a novella–TRESPASS–two other novels–THE HARD GOODBYE and THE DAMNED PLACE–a single short story–FLUSHED–and has been inducted into multiple anthologies, including the acclaimed AND HELL FOLLOWED from Death’s Head Press, where his story BEHIND BLUE EYES appears alongside stories from Wrath James White, Jeff Strand, Sam West, Christine Morgan, James Watts, Mark Deloy, and The Sisters of Slaughter, just to name a few. He has another new novel coming soon, the second part of a trilogy of epic horror and the follow up to THE DAMNED PLACE, another novel due out in early 2020, a new cosmic horror novella in the final stages of drafting, and will be featured in more anthologies throughout the rest of this year and into next year. He is happily married to the love of his life Aliana, and they have three beautiful children.

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